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The quicker you surrender your licence, the quicker you will be able to get back to driving once you are back on your feet.

The report by BT said that GP’s have a duty of protection to inform authorities if they have declared a patient as unfit and they are still continuing to drive. Chief executive of the GMC, Niall Dickson stressed that whilst doctor’s do guarantee confidentiality between them and a patient, they are not risking their position should they report their continuous driving (despite being warned) to the DVLA.

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Dickson wants to remind doctors that confidentiality is not absolute, and reporting a dangerous driver is far more important.

If you have a loved one that you suspect is not fit to drive, advise they visit a GP and get their opinion, a research survey shows that people are more likely to listen to their GP than they would to a friend or family member when it comes to the safety of their driving.

Witnessing dangerous driving can be distressing, particularly if an accident or car crash is nearly caused due to recklessness, either with yourself or other people involved.

If you see dangerous driving, whether that be an intoxicated and disorderly driver, an elderly driver seemingly with eyesight or co-ordination issues or just someone that seems to have little knowledge of the road or other drivers around them, it is important that the incident is reported to prevent them eventually causing something fatal.

You will also be asked to provide the details of the driver in question, including his name, address etc.

People can be reluctant to report an incident or something they have seen for fear of getting too involved, or even for fear of being seen as lying, and so unfortunately many incidents do go unseen and driver’s that are not fit to drive are still in possession of their licence.

Logically, if you see anything suspicious or anything you consider as unsafe, you should report it straight to the DVLA to prevent any further harm, but is your report anonymous?

You will also be asked for their driving licence number if it is known.

After the form has been submitted the DVA may get back in contact with you for further information and they will take the appropriate action.

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