Dhcp not updating dns linux

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Most of you won’t be running Windows 2003 anymore, but if you are, this link may be of interest: DHCP setup primarily is the place to start with this, it is often overlooked that there needs to be a username entered into DHCP to allow for these Dynamic Updates to take place.

This user account only needs limited privileges, it must be a member of DNSAdmins, DNSUpdate Proxy, DHCP Users and DHCP Administrators.

I use dynamic DNS updates on my network and my Linux and Windows machines all appear in DNS correctly.

Incidentally, so does my HP Photosmart printer and Nintendo Wii.

Aug 11 NIKKI named[5680]: zone 'mydomain.lan' allows updates by IP address, which is insecure You need to define an update key and configure it in both and

Dynamic Dns Update Security When you set your DNS server up to allow updates from the DHCP server, you may be exposing it to unauthorized updates.This might explain the error relating to the bad DNS key or did you leave that out of your post for security reasons? You have zone "0.168.192.in-addr.arp" in { file "dyn/0.168.192.in-addr.arp"; It should be zone "0.168.192.in-addr.arpa" in { file "dyn/0.168.192.in-addr.arpa"; Actually, you can name the zone file whatever you like but conventionally it is named the same as the zone.Wow well now I feel dumb, I included the file and it WORKED! I also changed the directory permission to chmod g w named and cleared up that error. now I get this error: I used Ya ST to configure the servers, seems there is a bug where it doesn't include the key file in named.conf, but the above doesn't make sense, both the zones look the same to me the forward/reverse. For example, let us say that clients in the domain will be assigned addresses on the .0/24 subnet.In that case, you will need a key declaration for the TSIG key you will be using, and also two zone declarations - one for the zone containing A records that will be updates and one for the zone containing PTR records - for ISC BIND, something like this: key DHCP_UPDATER ; zone "example.org" ; zone ".in-addr.arpa" ; You will also have to configure your DHCP server to do updates to these zones. The primary statement specifies the IP address of the name server whose zone information is to be updated.

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