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Other public data that can be useful includes marriage and divorce records.This is one area where the data was completely inaccurate for one of our subjects – her marriage and divorce didn’t come up at all.Once you choose the person you’re searching for, you will receive a single-state background check.

Felonies and misdemeanors are clearly labeled, and if available, disposition dates and pleas are listed in each offense description.

Background check companies are limited in the types of data they can reveal about a person, but Intelius offers a good look at a person’s civil past.

If someone you’re investigating has filed for bankruptcy in the past seven years, it should appear on the background report, as long as the public data is up to date.

This service provides a preview to help you make sure you choose the right person for a criminal background check.

Before you purchase a full report, you will be able to identify the person you’re looking for by cross-referencing cities you know they’ve lived in, places they’ve worked, people they’re related to and schools where they studied.

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