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The two crocodile bodies were made of 524.9 grams of gold, one covered with 1,023 fancy yellow diamonds, while the other was adorned with 1,060 circular cut emeralds.

Since Félix's death, these jewellery pieces have been displayed as part of The Art of Cartier Collection in several museums around the world.

María Félix (April 8, 1914 – April 8, 2002) was a Mexican film actress and one of the icons of the golden era of the Cinema of Mexico and also one of the myths of the Spanish language Cinema for her life style and personality .

She was more commonly known, particularly in her later years, by the honorific La Doña.

Some claim her birth certificate supports the April 8, 1914 birthdate, although no actual evidence (such as a copy of either the birth or the death certificate) has been presented as concrete evidence.

Félix was one of twelve children born to Bernardo Félix, of partial Yaqui descent, and Josefina Güereña, who was of Spanish descent.

She was also a jewellery connoisseur and had an extensive jewelry collection, including the 41.37 carat (8.274 g), D-flawless "Ashoka" diamond.

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In 1959, she starred the movie La Cucaracha, with Dolores del Río.In 1966, María Félix was given the lead role in La Valentina (1966), an adventure drama centering on the Mexican Revolution, where she sang the song "El güero aventao" with co-star Eulalio González.In later years, her films were inspired by the Mexican Revolution as La Escondida (1955), La Cucaracha (1959), Juana Gallo (1961), La Valentina (1966), and La Generala (1970), her last film.She was born María de los Ángeles Félix Güereña in Álamos, Sonora, Mexico.There is some dispute regarding Miss Félix's date of birth.

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