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Immediately my mind flashed back to a time I've seen him on the street. I was so high that I didn't realize he was coming on to me. " my words were cutting and he quickly mounted me pinning ny wrist down to the mattress."Not unless you want me to." He looked at me seriously and I struggled but he is stronger than me. "I'm only here because I know what you are Phoebe and I know you have what I want." He says as he fucks me.

"Forgive me Phoebe, I have bills due and an appointment with a woman later." he says apologetically and gets dressed. Matisse looks at it and says "You don't believe me but I don't want this." and attempts to hand it back to me.

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We were in the car and he says "Take me to your place." I told him no one comes to my place that isn't sleeping with me. Matisse sparks a cigarette and stands naked at my balcony his body is beautiful in the moonlight.

I told him I was going to get my driver and he will drop him off anywhere he'd like to go.

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