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And this is what to me really screams, one day you are with woman A, next day woman B, next dude A and so on. All of them gave excuses as to why they couldn't, one being honest enough to say it 'was against the rules'. Dear Bob, we would like to inform you, that it is not allowed to exchange private contact info within our website. This is designed to protect the privacy of both users and ladies and to prevent any possible scam.And this is what to me should ban this site and all of their sisters from operating in US. I met other Americans at an Irish pub who had also been duped. So, they obviously get paid a commission on how much they can extract (by means of purchasing coupons) from clients. In case you need any assistance in getting ladies contact details, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team at [email protected] trash sites too watch out for russianbrides,ukrainianbrides,romancetales,cityofbrides,victoriabrides,asianbrides and old favourite victoriahearts...

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In other words, it is to their benefit to get you to spend your credits in either mail (10 credits first mail and then 30 credits each for ever for same user) or chat (2 credits each). So you message may have to be split between several chats or messages.

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I've tried so many different websites for dating girls but they were the scam.

I paid a lot of money to meet a nice girl but all my attempts were a total waste of time and money.

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