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I have a history of ovarian cysts and I recently found out I am 6 weeks preg. I tried to get pregnant for almost 3 years, so I am really hoping I can sustain this pregnancy. I had an ovarian cyst about the size of a golf ball when I was pregnant. But there is always the chance that as you get bigger it could cause your ovary to twist. But from my experience there is no harmful affects on the baby. cyst on my right ovary at my 8 week "dating" ultrasound; I just got back from a 14 week follow-up to check on the cyst.

The cyst is the size of an orange, and my OB seems very concerned. Mine pushed my uterus to the side and my son was born full term and very healthy. It's the same size and still there; the ultrasound tech said not to worry, that it could be there the whole pregnancy, or rupture, or leak, or go away.

I just got released from the hospital due to severe pain. This is my third pregnancy and when I tell you that I would rather go through 10 Labors then one twisted ovarian cyst I am not kidding.

The pain was unbarable and you are talking to a women who had two children NATURAL no drugs at all.

Scared the crap out of me and I thouht for sure I miscarried.

she said that it will need to be removed, as it was just too large...If it does not dissolve it then fills with liquid becoming a cyst. Positive thinking is the best course as stress is just not good for you or your baby:) I am 32 Weeks pregnant and have a 10.3cm ovarian cyst.It was found during an ultra sound at 26 weeks and it has grow 3cm.No contractions, normal heart rate and lots of activity. I was diagnosed with 1.8" ovarian cysts and was taking birth control pills per my doctor's suggestions.Weeks and months went by but my ovarian cyst was still there (although it was still the same size). During the first week of following the steps I found there, I started feeling a lot better and the pain started fading away. Nine weeks later, my doctor says that my cyst is gone!

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