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The relation between two spatial ensembles in this site is stressed by the tetrapylon which is placed on the crossroads between the worldly fortification and palace on the one side and the other-worldly mausoleums and consecration monuments on the other.

Zaječar was first mentioned in Turkish defter in 1466.

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So far, Gitarijada has reached its 44th birthday and it is considered to be the biggest rock festival in South Eastern Europe.

Elementary schools In 2011, the city of Zaječar has a population of 58,547 people, and the town has 42,916.

The city has grown quickly in the last five years, and has an urban area of over 50 km².

Tractor supply was willing to have it repaired for free, but was unsure how long the repair would take.

Being it was only a couple of months old I insisted on a new replacement.

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