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What a man."Hitler later had Rhoem killed in what was called "The Night of the Long Knives".The psychological report, which stated Hitler was not capable of normal sex, also revealed another bizarre sex game.He knows what I like — sexually and otherwise — more than most people in my life, so his presents are always top-notch. You may be asking: What is a fetish, and how is it different from a kink?Inside the first package was a bottle of twelve-year Glenlivet, one of my favorite single malt whiskies. I clarified these two terms in my list of 30 kinky terms every gay man should know. Kinks are “unconventional” sexual interests, like bondage or paddling. Fetishes — also called paraphilias — are objects, materials, features, or articles of clothing, like used jockstraps, that people respond to sexually, and that enhance or facilitate sexual arousal.

Gathering evidence from informers, Dr Walter C Langer produced an intelligence report called "A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler His Life and Legend", which gives futher shocking details.But the best minds of the time, who set to work on the profiling project, got more than they bargain for with the sick revelations.The now declassified document concludes Hitler was a coprophiliac, meaning he was aroused by poo.This shocking revelation was then picked up by Western spies and included in the report on Hitler.He reportedly said: "He (Hitler) is thinking about the peasant girls."When they stand in the fields and bend down at their work so that you can see their behinds, that's what he likes, especially when they've got big round ones."That's Hitler's sex life.

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