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Today, Snap Fitness launched “Snap Together,” a first-of-its-kind dating app that matches members with their swolemate for life.Snap Together uses extensive unique algorithms that analyze how well member profiles pair up together.“This is another groundbreaking play for our brand,” Chief Marketing Officer Steele Smiley said.“Snap Fitness doesn’t just help members reach their health and wellness goals, we now help members meet their partner in life and fitness. ” To celebrate this groundbreaking dating app, Snap Fitness is offering everyone a 30-day trial to Snap Together.MINNEAPOLIS (April 1, 2016) — For over a decade, Snap Fitness has helped millions of people around the world start their fitness journey and achieve their health and wellness goals.Now, the fitness provider is taking their world-class support for members to the next level: finding true love in each of its gyms.“It is rare to find a business that combines a dynamic brand in a fast-growing industry which has at its core the health and wellbeing of its customers.I am confident that the people in Hong Kong and Taiwan will embrace Snap Fitness and make our brand a part of their lives.” In the last five years, Snap Fitness has signed 26 countries for Snap Fitness expansion, establishing a strong foothold in each of these markets.

Members may sign up for either a 90-day or 60-day Challenge.

When they do, they will be asked to fill out a goal guide.

With those benchmarks, members will be given exercises, nutrition ideas, motivational quotes, and tips and videos from country music superstar and Snap Fitness partner Tim Mc Graw.

The first Snap Fitness club will open in Hong Kong with plans to ramp up development in both Countries to meet growing demand.

“I have been a part of many exciting opportunities and none have inspired and excited me like this one.” I welcome the opportunity to help improve the wellness of the people in Hong Kong and Taiwan”, Diab says.

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