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She’s going to give it to you straight.' Argento was also a big fan of the episode, and wrote before it aired: 'It was a true gift rediscovering the eternal city with you @Bourdain.' Bourdain's Rome episode of 'Parts Unknown' was a remarkable feat, and one that was inspired in some ways by Argento's father.Dario Argento is considered by many to be one of the great horror directors, and is known for his highly stylized films, among them the 1977 classic Suspiria.CEO Jeremy Fielding continues to energize the base; the firm’s bread and butter bankruptcy and crisis practices keep swelling, with overall growth of more than 20 percent for 2016.Good news/bad news year for Edelman, still the world’s largest independent agency.Momentum, ambition and the guts to back it up make HL Group our agency of the year.A longtime giant in fashion and luxury PR, HL has transcended those roots to become a generalist firm on steroids—a force in corporate, tech, lifestyle, crisis and even brand strategy.He later wrote in that piece: 'Always honest, completely unsparing.If you ask Asia a question, you are going to get an answer - and she doesn’t care if it reflects badly on you - or on herself.

She even took Bourdain to what he described as a 'bats*** crazy boxing club where we ate pasta ringside as gladiators pounded one another and the crowd hooted and roared.'Argento is a fan of the sport, and back in August posted a photo of her in gear, writing: 'I love boxing almost as much as I love sex.'Another big fan of that sort of physical workout is Ottavia, who practices mixed martial arts and often competes in tournaments.Bourdain opened up about his relationship with Ottavia in an interview with the New Yorker for a story that was published just last week.He was interviewed for the story while shooting his biggest episode to date in Hanoi, Vietnam with President Barack Obama.In 2014 she premiered her film Misunderstood at the Cannes Film Festival, which she wrote and directed, telling the press that she was done with acting.Bourdain was a fan of the film, which he called 'remarkable and beautiful,' and is a big fan of Argento's dad.

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